Pristina City Center Residential towers

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Pristina City Center
Residential towers

Pristina, Kosovo

The Pristina City Center, currently under construction, is an urban redevelopment project in the heart of Pristina City. The highest contemporary standards united with the luxurious and unique architecture shaped a multicultural center right in the midst of Europe,meeting the needs of a capital city.
Located in the center of the city, Pristina City Center offers broad space for the development of any activity as living, business or socializing.
The complex is composed of two residential towers of 120m and 130m high. This complex has been thought in a modern key, having in mind the most modern standards, occupying a space more of 79 000 square meter, spread between two towers, western and eastern, for a total of 369 apartments.
Pristina City Center building complex, is the result of accurate design, that has improved over time.
All the complex lays on multilevel underground parking, with a total area of 108,000 square meters with
destination use for parking, spread in 7 levels beneath the mall.
The first 5 level above ground of PCC covers a total area of 60,300 square meters mainly used for commercial polyfunctional activities.

For more views of the Pristina City Center in its internal spaces please follow this link.